Happy New Year

A fantastic start to the year and a visit to the RSPB’s nature reserve at Leighton Moss.

With plenty of rain over the festive season I was relieved to find a pair of wellies in the boot of the car. Not great for walking – especially with the steel toe caps, however with the majority of footpaths under water the only way to get around.

Marsh tit at Leighton Moss

Great to see the Marsh Tits. The woodlands around the Silverdale and Arnside area are a real stronghold. A shame they’re far less common elsewhere.

Redshank - Leighton Moss

As ever plenty of Redshanks around the saltmarsh. Their eerie calls one of the highlights of winter birdwatching around the Morecambe Bay area.

Snipe at Leighton Moss
Another Snipe

Common Snipe – another common wader with an uncanny ability to disappear amongst the vegetation. Superb cryptic camouflage once you spot 1 suddenly several more appear as the brain cells go into overdrive and begin to recognise the birds plumage amongst the vegetation.


Treecreeper another species with superb camouflage. Unfortunately their restless habit tends to give them away.

Osprey nesting platform - Leighton Moss

Build it and they will come. With the success of the Foulshaw Moss Ospreys probably only a matter of time before a pair decide to settle at Leighton Moss.

Leighton Moss Reedbeds

Good to see the creation of more, open water habitat. The views have certainly improved and with more margins to the reedbeds hopefully good news for the Bitterns.

Starlings putting on a show against the backdrop of a setting sun. A superb end to the day.

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