A little bit of bread and no cheese ……..

Yellowhammer – male

A fine start to the day with the unmistakeable song of a Yellowhammer singing close to Dancing Ledge quickly followed by a family of Stonechats.

Stonechat (male)
Stonechat – female and a fledgling.

In the haymeadow surprising to see several stems of Common Broomrape. Normally as a parasite it’s fairly clear which is the host species. On this occasion due to the sheer diversity I wasn’t sure. Possibly one of the clovers or a Wild Carrot?

Musk Thistle

Musk Thistle, perhaps its the blue sky or the sea air but close up the flowers really are a shocking pink. In bud and covered in the early morning dew equally as attractive.

Musk thistle – bud

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