Higher Hyde Heath

Sand Lizard – male

An unmistakeable male Sand Lizard foraging for insects on the edge of Higher Hyde Heath. Outside of the mating season the green flanks are far more subdued.

Sand Lizard – male.
A wary, female Sand Lizard

Interesting to note the remains of her old skin still in the process of being shed.

Sand Lizard – female shedding her skin.
Sand Lizard – female

Another female Sand Lizard with a slightly darker, aged skin.

Sand Lizard – female

Time to soak up those rays of early morning sunshine.

Sand Lizard – male

Despite the males brilliant green flanks they can be really difficult to see especially amongst the heath. In common with other reptiles they’ll only appear if they feel safe. All these photo’s were taken with the equivalent of a 420mm lens to avoid disturbance.

Downy Emerald

Surprisingly few dragonflies around. Possibly due to the breach of the pond and relatively low water levels.

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