Running up that hill

Wall Lizard basking in the morning sunshine.

With colonies now established widely along the channel coast there’s currently thought to be around 20,000 Wall Lizards in southern England. With the quarries dotted along the Jurassic Coast being exposed to the sun all day long and protected from severe frost the conditions are ideal.

Wall Lizard (male)
With their long toes and sharp nails a lizard built for running up sheer rock faces.

The sun-drenched quarry is also home to other reptiles and with this particular area having a good population of Adders it looks like Stumpy may have had a close escape. In addition to the Adders, the Kestrels and Herring Gulls appeared to be paying close attention. Fortunately having dropped his tail it has partially re-grown.

Yet another Wall Lizard c/w full length tail.

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