Ian and Jake – summer 2017

Hi, welcome to our blog about the natural history of north-west England and occasionally further beyond (depending upon where we end up on holiday).

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Originally the intention was to develop the blog as a photo journal recording the many places and sights we’ve been fortunate to experience. Seven years later and I’m still developing the blog, adding new posts, changing themes and gradually increasing my knowledge of WordPress.

Meghan - 3 months old

Meghan, Sale Ees – October 2018

Over the years the quality of photographs has definitely improved. Nowadays, all the photographs are taken with either a DSLR or the smaller, pocket-sized Panasonic LX10. Occasionally some of them have made their way into print. Notably including for The National Trust and various Wildlife Trusts.

I’m happy to share any of the images on the blog and we’re proud to be part of the Creative Commons – a global community that breaks down the walls that keep people from sharing their knowledge. All images are licensed as “Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)”

If you’ve ever thought about creating a blog go for it. Although it can be daunting to begin with there are many excellent and relatively inexpensive hosts available. With several developers providing themes free of charge its relatively easy to produce an attractive blog. For more info see A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress . In addition there are plenty of active forums with many users happy to share their knowledge.

Ian and Jake at Creech Heath, Dorset - September 2010

Ian and Jake at Creech Heath, Dorset – September 2010

If you’d like more information about any of the posts or places we’ve visited feel free to contact me or alternatively leave a comment. Normally as long as they’re polite I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for dropping in !

Ian, Jake & Meghan