Stags and Newts


Sika Stag at Arne
Stag at Arne.

Surprising how confident these deer are. Even though originally from Japan they’re totally at home in the woodlands and mudflats around Poole harbour. Seem quite happy to co-exist with the native Roe Deer although I think the population is managed by selective culling during the winter.

Sika Stag at Arne
Stag heading out to the mudfalts
Sika Stag at Arne
Stag wallowing in the mud
Smooth Newt
Newt (terrestrial stage)

I wasn’t too sure what I’d find when I lifted a log up at Higher Hyde Heath. In addition to all 6 of our native reptiles there appears to be at least 3 different amphibians on site. After last years reptile ramble I remembered to bring along a hiking pole. Quite relieved it wasn’t an Adder! 

Bird table at Durlston Country Park
table at Durlston Country Park

Possibly the most bizarre, over the top bird table I’ve ever seen. Although not to my personal taste its good to see something a bit different.

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