A quick trip to the seaside. Parked up by the beach at another place home to Anthony Gormley’s Iron Men and took a stroll north towards Altcar. In 2007 there was a colony of approximately 140 Bee Orchids around the pumping station with many being up to 45cm high. This year it soon became obvious that I should have been there 4 weeks ago.

Due to the number of dodgy looking characters on mountain bikes drinking cider on top of the pumping station I didn’t hang around.

Highlights elsewhere within the dunes included a spectacular display of Tuberous Peas, Chicory and Kidney Vetch. Further up the coast there’s even tobacco naturalised amongst the dunes.

Tuberous Pea

Tuberous Pea


Pale variety of the natualised Tuberous Pea

Wild Chicory

Chicory another naturalised plant growing in the sand dunes

Kidney Vetch

Kidney Vetch

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