The Town Hall Clock

Moschatel or The Town Hall Clock
Moschatel or The Town Hall Clock
An easily overlooked plant typically found along woodland edges on limestone or chalk rich soil. Fortunately around the edge of Morecambe Bay there’s plenty of suitable habitat with this group of plants found close to Jenny Brown’s point in Silverdale.

The unique arrangement of its cluster of 5 flowers has given rise to the plants common name of The Town Hall Clock. By mid May it’ll have died back to reappear again the following spring.

Moschatel The parasitic Toothwort growing on coppiced Hazel
Note: the outer facing flowers have 5 petals. The upper one only has 4. Toothwort another spring speciality of ancient woodland.
Wood Anemone
Wood Anemone – Another specialist of ancient woodland growing within Gait Barrows
Seems strange that the spectacular white carpets formed by Wood Anemones have never  achieved the recognition given to the Bluebell. Similarly they’re often found planted in parks and gardens.
Eggshell from a Song Thrush
Eggshell deposited on a mossy log within Gait Barrows. The black markings on the otherwise blue shell indicate that it’s likely to be from a Song Thrush.

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