Brownsea Island

The Cadbury's boat in Poole Harbour Bob the Builder - coming to an island near you!
Thought I’d seen it all but this is a new one. 28C and gloriously sunny. Next year it’ll be Pimms and Iced Teas. More unexpected cargo being transported across the Millionaire’s playground of Poole harbour.

White AdmiralWhite Admiral
Again, another unexpected sighting. I didn’t really expect to see a woodland butterfly on such a small island.  This one was just below an Oak tree close to the Villa.
A short video taken with the Panasonic LX5.
P1030633Young Common Lizard
Great to see a very young Common Lizard Basking on the boardwalk. Like most lizards as long as you move very slowly and make sure your shadow doesn’t fall them they can be quite approachable. This one was a little bit more wary than usual but still allowed a relatively close view.
Red-veined Darter – femaleRed-veined Darter – female
Normally a migrant from the paddy fields of southern Europe although it does breed occasionally in southern England. Unusually for a dragonfly there is often a 2nd generation but so far a permanent, self-sustaining colony hasn’t been established. Brownsea Island must be close to the top of favoured sites for a colonisation of southern England.
Red-veined Darter – maleRed-veined Darter – male
For more information please see British Dragonfly Society website

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