Stumpy and Friends

After the recent downpours the weather gods finally smiled upon us and we decided to really push our luck and head up north to Leighton Moss.

Leighton Moss is a deservedly popular RSPB reserve located in one of the most wildlife rich areas of the country. However 99% of its visitor’s appear to be blissfully ignorant and are happy to rush along from one bird hide to the next.

After being forced to listen to the hide based discussions I’m now an expert on the regeneration of Glasgow and bird-watching in Goa. Considering the amount of noise it’s surprising that 3 Otters, a Red Deer, an Osprey, 2 Marsh Harriers and 12 Greenshank hadn’t found somewhere quieter to go.

Other highlights included the Bladderwort flowering in one of the pools to the east of the causeway, Jelly Ear fungi (still widely known by its non politically correct name of  Jew’s Ear fungi), Raspberry Slime Mould and the partially parasitic Eyebright growing along the footpath edges

Jelly Ear fungi

Jelly Ear fungi

Raspberry Slime Mold

Raspberry Slime Mould



Later in the afternoon we decided to give the Morecambe bay hides a miss and headed over to Gait Barrows to catch up with the Common Lizards.
Common Lizard

Male Common Lizard

Common Lizard

Female Common Lizard

Common Lizard with regrown tail

Stumpy or the lizard that got away, shed its tail and grew another

Immature Common Lizard

Young Common Lizard

Common Lizards

Female Common Lizard and young

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