Winter in west Lancashire

Barn Owl at Lunt Meadows
A few highlights from a short visit to Martin Mere and then a drive across west Lancashire to Lunt Meadows.
Lego Kingfisher at WWT Martin Mere

Can’t recall seeing a Kingfisher made from Lego before – quite an achievement. Lego appears to have come a long way since the early 1970’s when multi-coloured castles and battery powered boats were the height of fashion. Great to see the efforts being made at WWT Martin Mere for the younger visitor

Male Smew unfortunately part of the collection rather than wild The 1st Snowdrops of the year
Male Smew

One day we’ll find a wild one but for now Martin Mere is the closest we’ve got.

The 1st Snowdrop of the year

Great to see a few signs of early Spring. This time last week it was snowing.

Short-eared Owl hunting voles at Lunt Meadows
Short-eared Owl.

For once it wasn’t raining so a quick detour on the way home to Lunt Meadows.

Short-eared Owl
Short-eared Owl, Lunt Meadows
Perhaps even more dramatic with the backlighting from a rapidly fading sun.
Barn Owl hunting during the late afternoon
Yet again, fortunate enough to enjoy some superb views of a Barn Owl hunting during the late afternoon.
Barn Owl, LWT Lunt Meadows

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