Snow Geese


We decided to head up north to Leighton Moss not really expecting to see a great deal. Being an optimist I’d hoped we might be able to get a decent view and possibly a photo of the Marsh Tits. However trying to get a photo of them at one of the RSPB’s most popular reserves is far from easy.

Interesting to come across a small group of Snow Geese. In this country the Snow Goose is a rare vagrant arriving in the Autumn with Pink Footed and Barnacle Geese. However to further complicate things in addition to the arrivals from the Canadian Tundra there’s also a small feral population normally living in Scotland.

Snowgeese at Leighton Moss
Originally 4 Snow Geese turned up close to Leighton Moss in October 2010. In March they disappeared. In October 2011 3 of them returned. The fact that they’re following a migratory pattern and lack any rings suggests they are wild birds however nobody seems to know for sure.

Whatever their origin they’re certainly attractive birds and as of mid February 2012 they were still at Leighton Moss.
Snowgeese at Leighton Moss
Safety in numbers. Snowgeese with the resident Greylags at Leighton Moss February 2012.

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