Here’s looking at you, kid

 The amazing compound eyes of a Common Darter
 The amazing compound eyes of a Common Darter at Higher Hyde Heath. Must be very strange being able to see in every direction all at the same time.
 Common Darter enjoying a few rays of sunshine.
 Female Sand Lizard at Higher Hyde Heath
 Sand Lizard (female). Although Higher Hyde Heath has a thriving population of reptiles its unusual to spot a Sand Lizard during the early autumn. Normally far easier to see during late Spring/early Summer breeding season. Superb lizards that are relatively approachable if you move slowly and avoid casting a direct shadow over them.
Sand Lizard Sand Lizard amongst the pantiles
A favourite sun bathing spot.  Hiding in the clay pantiles
 Young Common Lizard sunbathing on bark
 A young Common Lizard.  In the right habitat its surprising how often they can be found on old branches, bark etc. lying on the ground.
 Small Copper Butterfly
 Small Copper Butterfly  feeding on nectar amongst the heather.
 Red Admiral nectaring on Buddleia
 Red Admiral most likely to be one of this summer’s migrants from southern Europe.

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