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Male Bearded Tit on the grit trays at Leighton Moss
Great to find a bit of time to call up to the RSPB’s Leighton Moss Nature Reserve. At least 7 Bearded Tits showing really well on and around the grit trays close to the causeway. Plenty more calling from deep within the reedbeds along with several Water Rail. Currently thought to be approximately 71 Bearded Tits around the reserve. For more info please see latest update from John Wilson.
Pair of Bearded Tit on the grit trays at Leighton Moss
Pair of Bearded Tits with the male’s distinctive “moustache” being unmistakeable.
Male Bearded Tits at Leighton Moss
Strange that there always appears to be far more males than females. Whether its a case of the females being more wary or the males having a higher mortality rate over the winter its hard to tell.
Pair of Bearded Tits on the grit trays at Leighton Moss
Little Egret catching a small fish on the saltmarsh close to Leighton Moss
Growing up in north Lancashire 30 years ago nobody would have believed that Little Egrets would now be a common sight both on the meres and down on the saltmarsh. In addition to the 145 Little Egrets the roost close to the Lower Hide has recently become home to up to 7 Great White Egrets. With long staying Cattle Egrets not too far away at Southport it can’t be long before they’re found amongst the livestock close along the edge of Morecambe Bay.
A chance for stardom is cruelly destroyed by a Grey Heron.
A 3 Spined Stickleback loses its chance for a starring role in next year’s Springwatch.
Migrant Hawker enjoying the late Autumn sunshine
Surprised to find a Migrant Hawker enjoying the late Autumn sunshine
North-west England's largest reedbed
A small section of north-west England’s largest reedbed always a glorious site in the autumn sunshine. Certainly no shortage of seeds for the Bearded Tits, Reed Buntings and in more recent years Cetti’s Warbler.
Young Reed Bunting
 A young Reed Bunting enjoying the seeds along the causeway.
Redshank on the saltmarsh Distant Great White Egret
 An appropriately named Redshank on the saltmarsh.  A distant Great White Egret on the hunt for small fish

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