Late Summer Past

Roe Deer (hind) close to Corfe Castle, Dorset

A bit of catching up from an early autumn visit to Dorset.

Normally on the south coast summer tends to linger on for that little bit longer than what we’re used to in the north of England. In the past we’ve even managed to get sunburnt. This year a cold northerly breeze resulted in it being cooler than normal.  However, it didn’t affect the wildlife with plenty of Roe Deer to be found in the evening close to Corfe Castle.

A few photos below from Arne and the surrounding area taken earlier in the day. With our faithful friend joining us for a stroll through the woodland just the trusty old binoculars and a new Panasonic LX 15 for company.

On the way back to the campsite we made a slight detour to check out the Foxes we’d seen earlier in the year. These 2 are the adult Vixen and one of this year’s cubs. Also enjoyed a great view of a Dartford Warbler on Coombe Heath, distant Spoonbills sweeping through the mud at Middlebere, 3 Wheatears, a female Sand Lizard and several Sandwich Terns.

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