A step back in time

Northern Wheatear, disused quarry – Langton Matravers

Highlights from a walk along the Jurassic Coast close to Langton Matravers back in September (seems a long time ago).

The many disused quarries are a real magnet for migrating birds with Wheatears finding them especially attractive.

Sitting pretty !

Not to be outdone a resident Dunnock at the quarry entrance

Wall Lizard basking in the September sunshine

The coastal quarries also contain several colonies of Wall Lizards. With their inquisitive nature they’re always entertaining to watch.

A darker male Wall Lizard on the quarry face.

Plenty of quarry faces and cliffs available for the Wall Lizards to do what they do best.

A tiny, immature Wall Lizard hiding amongst the stone on the quarry floor.

Another male Wall Lizard sunbathing

A superb walk that never disappoints.

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