The not-so Wild Hogs

Hedgehog in rear garden, Chorlton, Manchester
Far too long since I updated the blog but now British Summertime is officially over there’s a chance to catch up with a few highlights from earlier on in the year.

Spike our regular Hedgehog has continued to visit every evening and in late summer was joined by another medium sized Hog and at least 3 younger ones. Being able to enjoy 5 Hedgehogs snuffling around the garden has been a real pleasure and although its cost a fortune keeping them supplied with mealworms its great to know the local population is thriving.

Hedgehog feasting on mealworms
The Wild Hog – actually by now Spike is remarkably trusting and will continue feeding even when there is a creature considerably larger lying flat on its stomach and pointing a camera in his general direction.
Another or possibly the same Hedgehog looking for mealworms
Is anybody out there?
A little more wary when spotted by Jake our inquisitive Border Collie.
Mmmmmm……...more mealworms
Best nose forward. Although their distant vision seems to be relatively poor Hedgehogs are sensitive to rapid movement. With a supply of dried mealworms to feast upon little chance of missing a tasty morsel in our garden.
Still hungry?
And another mealworm bites the dust

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