Thornton Force

The highest and after heavy rainfall the most dramatic of the waterfalls up at Ingleton. It is actually possible to walk behind the waterfall but with young Meghan for company on this occasion we decided to give it a miss.


River Twiss high above Thornton Force.

Great to see a few trout swimming around in the crystal clear water.

Early Purple Orchid

Although their colour can be variable the long flower spurs and spotted leaves makes them one of the easier Orchids to identify.

View across to Ingleborough and its distinctive limestone plateau.

Welsh Poppy.

Surprising to see Welsh Poppies growing along the edges of the drystone walls and in some of the woods. Although there is a chance they could be native to the Yorkshire Dales they’re far more likely to be garden escapees. Still strange to think that their closest relatives grow in the Himalayas.

Beezley Falls

Having crossed over Twistleton Lane – the old Roman Road normally occupied by an ice cream van, we dropped down into the wooded valley of the River Doe and Beezley Falls.

A slightly different angle on the lower section of Beezley Falls also known as Triple Spout.

Interesting use of an old tree stump

Maidenhair spleenwort

Harebell – slightly surprising to see it growing in a woodland clearing.

Rival Falls plunging into the “Black Hole” – reputed to be 80ft deep !

Bluebells growing in the Oak woodland.

Plenty of sticks to be found 🙂

Water Avens interesting to note the five petals and arrangement of the stamens that identifies it as being a member of the Rose family.

Happy days – a return to the ancestral home. Quite surprised that even when walking off her lead through a field of sheep young Meghan remained totally unflappable and in control.

A superb walk, probably best enjoyed during the week when its not quite so busy. Looking forward to going back in the Autumn or even Winter when the waterfalls will be at their most dramatic.


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