Worbarrow Bay

The former Coastguard’s cottage at Worbarrow Bay, Dorset.

Located a 20 minute walk from the ghost village of Tyneham its difficult to find a more unspoilt and picturesque location.

Incredible to think that back in 1943 the villagers were happy to be moved out by Winston Churchill’s War Cabinet prior to the area being used for D-Day preparations. Following the war the establishment of the Army’s Lulworth Firing Range resulted in the villagers not being allowed to return despite the promises and assurances that Churchill had given.

Worbarrow Cove – now part of the Jurrasic Coast

The folded layers of rocks exposed in the cliffs resulted from the collision between the African and European continent that took place about 25 million years ago and created the Alps.

A more recent creation owing its existence to an urban myth that its impossible to stack pebbles more than 13 layers high. Well there was only one way to find out………..

Worbarrow Bay.

Stunning – even the water is crystal clear.

Wild Basil, close to the coastpath.

Somewhat predictably on a baking hot afternoon in late August a notable lack of wildlife to be found. However we did enjoy a good view of a Kestrel dancing in the seabreeze over the adjacent fields. Also a fleeting glimpse of a Common Lizard.

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