Norden Heath

Nettle-leaved Bellflower

A few highlights from Norden Heath taken back in August (seems a long time ago now).

The roadside verges around East Creech and the various footpaths leading down to the heath are one of the best areas in the country for the relatively uncommon Nettle-leaved Bellflower. Whilst the ones along the woodland edge have suffered from grazing by the local deer the plants growing along the roadside verge are spectacular.

Sika hind grazing along the edge of one of the mires.

Typical wet heath and valley mire.

Home to all 3 of our native Sundews and the rare Pale Butterwort. Finding them all can be a bit tricky.

Pale Butterwort

Tiny and very easily overlooked especially when they’re not in flower. Note the comparison in size with the birch leaves.

Close-up of the sticky leaves of the Pale Butterwort. The remains of an unfortunate fly can just about be made out.

Tawny Grisette ?

Plenty of fungi to be found on the heath. Unfortunately identifying them all is far from easy however I’ve given it a go. With foraging for fungi being increasingly popular please don’t use these photos as an accurate guide. I really do not want to be responsible for somebody accidentally poisoning themselves.

Common Earthball with a Parasitic Bolete.

Fresh Birch Polypore just beginning to emerge.

No idea with this one. Thoughts welcome

The Sickener mushroom

Cep or Petty Bun – definitely past its best.

Brown Birch Bolete ?

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