A Stroll through the Woods


Bullfinch (male) at Kenworthy Orchard, Northern Moor

With plenty of fruit trees and dense thickets of Blackthorn scrub Kenworthy Wood is ideal for the local Bullfinches. Great to see that they appear to be bucking the national trend for a long term decline

I’m still undecided about the Granny’s Bonnet. Found growing along the edge of an undisturbed area of woodland is it a garden escapee or a native species? With no more to be found I suspect the seed was imported when a local footpath was resurfaced several years ago. Definitely a welcome addition to the woodland flora.

Another species I’m a little unsure about. 4 petals arranged in a cross help identify it as a member of the Crucifer or Cabbage family. With bright yellow flowers the first species that comes to mind is Rape but with deeply, lobed leaves this can be ruled out.  I suspect its probably Black Mustard or another related agricultural escapee. Thoughts/comments welcome …….

Common Whitethroat perched up on the electric fencing around the substation.

Plenty of Red Campion coming into flower. Apparently there’s about 650 species of Spiders in the UK suggestions as to which one this is are welcome 🙂

Male Orange-tip nectaring on Rape found growing along the riverbank.

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