Tread carefully ……..

Meadow Brown, along the banks of the River Mersey close to Chorlton Water Park.

With the easing of the lockdown we’ve really been looking forward to getting out a bit more. However a casual flick of the wrist and a walk along the banks of the Mersey became a 6 mile run scrambling along the rocks trying to fish Meghan’s frisbee out of the water. With an opportunity to see the river up close I didn’t really mind and thought little of it until the next morning. 5:45am the following day and I was struggling to walk. I’m still unsure exactly what happened but its taken almost 3 weeks to recover.

Great to see that 2020 is turning out to be a very good year for the local Butterflies.

Peacock caterpillars feeding on Nettles.

One of thousands – if the good weather continues later on this summer should be fairly spectacular.

Large Skipper, again preferring the grasslands along the top of the south facing riverbank.

Small Skipper nectaring on thistles.

Thoughts and comments welcome regarding the grub on the flowerhead just below the proboscis.

Giant Hogweed – a more unwelcome addition to our local flora. Still relatively uncommon along this stretch of the Mersey.

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