Worbarrow Bay

Worbarrow Bay, Dorset

Great to see that despite the headlines that not every beach in the south-west was rammed with people during the summer. Surrounded by a tank firing range and the ghost village of Tyneham the bay enjoys a spectacular location.

A section of the Jurassic Coast close to Worbarrow Bay

28C and warm, crystal clear water. Probably similar conditions to those enjoyed by the ammonites, palm trees, dinosaurs and the earliest of mammals that evolved during the Jurassic period.

Pebble towers, a highly recommended alternative to sunbathing.

Well we managed to reach the lofty heights of 14 pebbles. I’m sure with practice we could manage a few more but not too bad for beginners.

Worbarrow Bay on a hot, sunny day in early August

The more popular side of the bay. The heat radiating back from the south-west facing cliffs was really noticeable. A bit too hot for a restless Border Collie.

6-spot Burnet Moth at Worbarrow Bay.

In comparison to previous visits relatively little wildlife to be seen however I’m sure it’d be a different story at dusk. Such a shame that access is restricted.

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