View looking east over England’s deepest lake towards Scafell Pike – our highest mountain.

Strange to think that around 450 million years ago the Scafell massif was an active volcano and part of the lost continent of Avalonia.

The infamous Wastwater Screes.

Extending below Illgill Head and Whin Rigg we did consider walking a loop around the lake however it soon became clear that with thanks to recent rock falls the boulders were extremely unstable.

The carnivorous Common Butterwort growing in the bog close to the edge of Wastwater. Exoskeletons of a race of extremely bloodthirsty midges can just about be made out still stuck to the leaves.

Bright red and dripping with a sweet sticky mucilage the distinctive Round leaved Sundews were again found easily in the wet boggier areas. Definitely no shortage of midges to keep them going.

Scafell Pike from Wasdale Head campsite.

Frustratingly the afternoon we were due to depart the clouds finally began to lift. By this time the adjacent car park was rammed with daytrippers and the thought of following other hikers up a well trodden footpath just didn’t appeal.

We departed and finally found a few hours of solitude and tranquillity in the Eskdale valley.

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