Arne and the Purbecks

Female Common Darter at Arne

One of the more widespread Dragonflies with a preference for small ponds and areas of stagnant water. Strong flying this one was found on the edge of an area of woodland resting on Bramble.

Common Lizard, again at Arne.

Found basking in its regular spot close to the visitor centre possibly the most approachable Common Lizard in Dorset.

A far more wary immature Common Lizard.

With the wind picking up noticeably fewer insects around over the past few days.

An afternoon stroll along the Purbeck ridge towards Corfe Castle revealed several Marbled Whites. sensibly preferring to keep low down in the long grass. A real specialist of unimproved grassland and meadows that appears largely restricted to southern England. In more northern areas the closely related Meadow Brown is the more likely to be seen.

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