Higher Hyde Heath

Meadow Grasshoppers at Higher Hyde Heath.

Can’t recall seeing a bright pink grasshopper before. Apparently the vivid pink is due to a genetic mutation known as erythrism. Perhaps unsurprisingly few pink grasshoppers survive to become adults.

Female Sand Lizard

Basking on one of the discarded pantiles interesting to note the shorter than normal tail. Presumably this particular lizard has had a close escape with its tail being discarded before re-growing in this slightly stunted form.

Common Lizard again basking amongst the pantiles. Surprisingly both species of lizard seem fine sharing the same habitat and even very similar prey. With the adjacent heath and pond no shortage of insects.

With regular sightings of Grass Snakes, Smooth Snakes, Adders and Slow Worms Higher Hyde Heath is one of the very few areas where all our native reptiles can be seen.

Willow Warbler flitting from branch to branch. Surprisingly approachable.

Common Blue Damselflies mating at Higher Hyde Heath

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