Studland Heath

Another warm day and to begin with a walk along the Purbeck ridge running from East Creech down to Corfe Castle. Despite the fearsome looking horns the Highland cattle grazing along the top proved to inquisitive and quite friendly. On this occasion Meghan decided to keep low to the ground on the off-chance she couldn’t be seen.

Silver-studded Blue – female

With the weather forecast suggesting afternoon showers we headed out to Studland in the hope of catching up with a few more Dorset specialities. Absolutely heaving with visitors it was one of those days where we were lucky to see anything remotely of interest.

Silver Studded Blue nectaring on the heath.

The Grayling Butterfly

Restricted to southern heathland areas and preferably coastal sites the excellent camouflage can make Graylings difficult to see especially when resting on bare ground, tree trunks, or stones.

Broad-bodied Chaser – unmistakeable and one of the more common dragonflies especially close to lakes and larger ponds.

An approaching thunderstorm lit up by the setting sun.

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