English Wall Lizards

English Wall Lizards
English (naturalised) Wall Lizards in one of the many quarries to be found along the Dorset coastline.

Now considered to be around 80 separate populations across southern England the Wall Lizards are far more mobile and active than either the Common or Sand Lizard.  In our normally cool, damp climate they’re restricted to the sun drenched rock faces and cliffs. Certainly wouldn’t last long in northern England !

Thrift growing in a sun-drenched quarry
A sun-drenched quarry overlooking the English Channel just up the coast from Sandbanks. Not a bad place to call home.
Footage (approx. 10 mins) of a pair of Wall Lizards on the Dorset coast.
Immature Wall Lizard
A young Wall Lizard trying to hide amongst the loose rocks on the quarry floor. Fortunately they’re too inquisitive to stay hidden for long. A fact that hasn’t been lost on the local Kestrels.
Herring Gull looking for an easy meal.
 Hmmm…..another local bird taking an unhealthy interest. Possibly just dropping in ?
Female Wall Lizard (foreground)
Female Wall Lizard (foreground)
Pair of Wall Lizards
Pair of Wall Lizards with the vivid green male being particularly striking.
Wild Cabbage - the ancestor of our modern cabbages, sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower etc..
A superb specimen of the increasingly rare Wild Cabbage. In comparison to our modern cultivars really noticeable just how tough the leaves are. I suspect even the Large Whites struggle eating this one.

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