Durlston Country Park

An outstanding and relatively unspoilt country park in Swanage. Even at weekends the park remains relatively quiet. In addition to seacliffs, former quarries, chalk downs and woodlands the park is a migration hotspot that frequently hosts many interesting birds varyig from Aquatic Warblers to Wrynecks.

The insects include the almost mystical Glow-worm, the Adonis Blue and in late summer Clouded Yellows. Reptiles are well represented with Adders, Common Lizards, Grass snakes and Slow worms. Badgers, Roe Deer, Foxes and Stoats can also be seen.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the park is also a National Nature Reserve. The sheer diversity of habitats  allows an incredible 578 species of flowering plant to flourish. These include nine species of orchid, two numbered in tens (Twayblade and Southern Marsh), six numbered in hundreds (Early Spider, Early Purple, Green Winged, Common Spotted, Bee and Autumn Lady’s Tresses) and over 12,000 Pyramidal Orchids.

Bee Orchid at Durlston Country Park

Bee Orchid

Kidney Vetch and Wild Carrots on the cliffs at Durlston Country Park
Kidney Vetch and Wild Carrots growing on the sea cliffs.
Carrot Broomrape growing on Wild Carrots at Durlston

A close look amongst the Wild Carrots revealed yet more Carrot Broomrape.



Common Flax

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