A welcome visitor to the back garden.

When a small and underweight Hoglet turned up in the back garden towards the end of November his chances of surviving the winter hibernation appeared bleak.

Back garden Hedgehog foraging amongst the leaf litter
Despite snuffling amongst the leaf litter looking for a tasty morsel the chances Spike would see another winter were looking pretty remote. However it became clear he was spending most of his time under the bird feeders so we decided to leave a few mealworms out.  They were quickly devoured. 
Hedgehog Another photo of Spike
The next night we left a few more mealworms out. The night after it was mealworms and Hedgehog food.
Spot the snout
4 weeks later and our young Hog has grown into a right Christmas Pudding. Its New Year’s Day now and Spike still isn’t interested in hibernating. Looks like he knows he’s struck lucky. Hopefully the investment in Mealworms and Hedgehog food will be rewarded by slug-free salad later on in the year.

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