In the bleak midwinter

Marsh Tit at Leighton Moss
Marsh Tit close to the lower hide at Leighton Moss.
Marsh Tit feeding on bird seed left by a visitor
Amazing to see how successful the Marsh Tits continue to be around the Silverdale and Arnside area. Probably helps that they have a non-stop supply of bird seed left behind by visitors.
Marsh Tit and seed on the armrest of a bench Seed being devoured by a Pheasant
Leaving the seed on the armrest of a bench seems to work quite well until one of the Pheasants from the  neighbouring shoots devours the lot. Hard to begrudge the Pheasant its seasonal feast . Factory farming Pheasants to be shot is disgusting. Its not big, its not clever and it definitely isn’t sport.
Common Snipe in front of the lower hide Common Snipe
Common Snipe taking a walk out into the marsh directly in front of the lower hide. Unfortunately in many areas its still considered to be a gamebird.
The superb cryptic camouflage of the Snipes plumage
Unlike the Pheasant the superb cryptic plumage helps the Snipe to remain largely unseen .
Mute Sawns at Leighton Moss
Summer seems a long time ago. Last year’s cygnets enjoying one of the few areas of  ice-free, open water.
Summer in Morecambe
Morecambe Bay – Summer (usually a couple of days towards the end of June)
Winter in Morecambe
Morecambe Bay – Winter (the other 363 days of the year)Great to see new artwork being installed within the hides down on the saltmarsh. Certainly an improvement on the traditional bird identification displays.

Hopefully our next visit will include highlights from the new tower hide that’s being constructed close to the visitor centre. It should provide a spectacular panoramic view over the reedbeds.

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