Who’s a Pretty Boy then?

The amazingly warm hazy days of April 2005 continue.

A great opportunity for an early morning visit to Chorlton Water Park. Since 2008 the South Manchester Ring necked Parakeets have steadily increased from around 7 birds to 70. Still some way to go to rival the 30,000 birds bringing a familiar squawk to the suburbs of south-east England.

Well hello !
Emerging from a potential nest site used previously by Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Noctule Bats.
Ring-necked Parakeet, Chorlton Water Park A few tweaks to the size of the entrance hole and it might be alright, bit draughty though....
Is she impressed or have the previous occupants left it in a bit of a mess? A few alterations being made – only another 3 square miles of trees to check..
Looking good....
Meanwhile the male bird is busy preening in a nearby tree.

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