Arrival from Africa

The local Whitehroats have been returning to their summer territories over the past couple of weeks. The distinctive scratchy warble is unmistakable and a real sign that summer is just around the corner.
Another Whitethroat belting out its distinctive scratchy song from a young Ash tree on Barlow Tip
The first wave of this year’s arrivals seemed to be relatively quiet – probably exhausted after the long flight north from sub-saharan Africa. However, over the past week as more birds have returned the song of the Common Whitethroat has become a welcome addition to the Dawn Chorus.
A male Blackcap high up in a Birch tree
The northern Nightingale – a male Blackcap another summer visitor recently arrived from Africa.
Female Blackcap skulking around in a thicket of Blackthorn
The female Blackcap. Typically it appears to spend most of its time skulking around in thickets. Trying to take a clear photograph of one is a nightmare. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to get slightly closer.
Harlequin Ladybirds on a Bird Cherry within Kenworthy Orchard
A far less welcome recent arrival. Harlequin Ladybirds in the Orchard within Kenworthy Wood
Small Tortoiseshell in Kenworthy Wood
Small Tortoiseshell in Kenworthy Wood.

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