Higher Hyde Heath

Common Lizard catching a few rays of sunshine
Sand Lizard (female)

A few photographs from a far too brief visit to Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Higher Hyde Heath reserve in late July.

Black Darter (female) according to the chart below :)
Black Darter (female)

One of several also plenty of the blue males around. In general compared to previous years far fewer Dragonflies around. Possibly related to the low water level in the main pond. Good to see Hanson, the site owners have repaired the breach.

Large Skipper The closely related Essex Skipper
Large Skipper Essex Skipper – apparently widespread in southern England. None up north!
The sightings record book. Select and left click for a closer view
The sightings record book. Always fascinating to see what other visitors have observed in  the previous few weeks.
Snake identification guide
A great ID guide. One of the few areas of the country where all of our native reptiles can be found.
ID guide to the more common Damsels and Dragons
More valuable identification guidance on display.
One of the hundreds of Gatekeepers Common Green Grasshopper
Gatekeeper Common Green Grasshopper

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