Grub up

Meadow Pipit collecting grubs at Ainsdale NNR
Following on from the heat of mid-week a day off work was the ideal opportunity to take a trip to the seaside. Torn between Ainsdale and Morecambe Bay we headed west to the sand dunes of Ainsdale National Nature Reserve.

Upon arrival it was noticeable how many Meadow Pipits were still feeding their young. The number of Black-headed Gulls flying low over the dunes suggested a likely reason why.

Small Skipper nectaring on Clover
Plenty of freshly emerged Small Skippers feeding on the various clovers, vetches and Birds Foot Trefoil.


Dark Green Fritillary Dark Green Fritillary dispaying characteristic underwing pattern
The far larger Dark Green Fritillary again on Clover. The characteristic pattern and colouring of the underwing helps to separate it from the rare High Brown Fritillary.
Male Common Blue on Birds Foot Trefoil Sand Chafer
Male Common Blue on Birds Foot Trefoil The green and gold Sand Chafer. Closely related to the familiar Cockchafer frequently seen in gardens.
One of thousands of Pyramid Orchids amongst the Sand Dunes Marsh Helleborine
One of the many thousands of Pyramid Orchids found amongst the dunes Marsh Helleborine in one of the damp slacks found in-between the dunes.
An ever watchful male Stonechat
Male Stonechat keeping a watchful eye over a group of recently fledged chicks.
Cinnabar Moth caterpillars on the last remnants of Ragwort
The caterpillar of the Cinnabar Moth on the last remnants of Ragwort with the discarded skins close by. With no other plants to feed upon only a matter of time before they turn cannibal.

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