Dorset Wall Lizards

Wall Lizard enjoying a barbecue lunch.
A Wall Lizard enjoying the remains of a discarded barbecue. Released many years ago this colony has become naturalised and appears to be thriving in one of the many quarries found on the Dorset coast.

Wall Lizard distracted by a fly before dashing into a crevice – an impressive burst of speed !

Sun-baked Quarry Golden Samphire
Lizard heaven – a sun-baked quarry overlooking the English Channel Golden Samphire
Male Wall Lizard Female Wall Lizard sunbathing.
Male Wall Lizard – noticeably darker than the ones we found in Italy last summer. Female Wall Lizard basking in the warm sunshine.
One of the more approachable male Wall Lizards
With its incredibly long toes the Wall Lizard is well adapted to climbing vertical rock faces. In common with most other reptiles the Lizards are relatively approachable as long as you move slowly and avoid letting your shadow fall across them.

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