In the Meadow

Marbled White Butterflies
Marbled Whites mating on a Yarrow flowerhead at Durlston Country Park, Dorset.
Marbled Whites mating
An incredible sight with clouds of Marbled Whites erupting from a kaleidoscope of flowers as we walked slowly through the meadows.
Summer Hay Meadow at Durlston Country Park
The statuesque Woolly Thistle
Heading uphill towards the western boundary the summer pasture was punctuated by huge and impressive Woolly Thistles.
Six-spot Burnet Moths nectaring on Knapweed.
Back along the SW coast path and dropping down into a steep gully plenty of Six-spot Burnet Moths to be found nectaring on Knapweed.
Small Scabious Field Scabious
Small Scabious – one of several large patches. The more common Field Scabious.
Greater Knapweed Carline Thistle
Greater Knapweed Carline Thistle

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