Red Squirrel in the pine wood at Formby.

A warm, reasonably sunny day – an increasingly rare event at this time of year and a perfect opportunity for a trip to the seaside.

Too cute. Autumn Crocus close to the Caravan Park
Great to see plenty more including this one behind the National Trust recruitment van. Autumn Crocus growing at the edge of the woodland north of Victoria Road.
Interesting to see that since the last outbreak of Squirrel Pox the National Trust have stopped selling bags of “squirrel food.” With many visitors bringing their own supply of peanuts I’m not sure it’ll make any difference. Surprised to see several dogs bounding through the  former “Squirrel Walk.”
Immature Sanderling stopping off for a quick snack whilst on its way south
More Sanderlings
Barrel Jellyfish – Rhizostoma pulmo. Probably the most frequently seen Jellyfish washed up along the coastline of the Irish Sea. Supposedly a favourite food of the Leatherback Turtle.
Sand-dune Whodunnit?
Sand Chafer grub – difficult to believe this was responsible for the elaborate tracks over the dunes. Even stranger is the fact it hadn’t been eaten by one of the many Meadow Pipits.

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