Badgers at OId Henley Farm

Badger emerging from its sett
 Badger emerging from its sett at Old Henley Farm. Surprising to see one out so early enjoying the late evening sunshine.
Badger enjoying the late evening sunshine
After 5 minutes spent eating peanuts this young male climbed up the banking and disappeared off down a well worn badger track into a neighbouring field.
 A short video. Really impressed with the D7200’s video although the cameraman needs a bit more practice 🙂
Badger at Old Henley Farm, Dorset
Not a Badger! Woodpigeon taking a keen interest in the peanuts left out for the Badgers
 One of the local Woodpigeon’s taking a keen interest in the peanuts.
And finally after a wait of over an hour with nothing apart from the local Tawny Owl 3 more Badgers.

Why they need to be culled in order to support intensive farming is ridiculous. In a country where a third of the population are obese and literally dying of over consumption there’s simply no need for our wildlife to be persecuted.

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