For once the sun came out and we were fortunate enough to be able to get out for a couple of hours on Sunday. After the long cold, dark days of winter the local wildlife is quickly responding to the arrival of Spring. First stop an early morning visit to the Heronry at Chorlton Ees followed by a walk through Kenworthy Woods and finally an evening  stroll around Chorlton Water Park.

Grey Heron at Chorlton Ees
Grey Heron at Chorlton Ees. On the lookout awaiting the arrival of her mate.
Touching up the nest.
Grey Heron nest building
A few repairs required from last year
Branching Oyster – Kenworthy Woods
Oyster – Kenworthy Woods
Common Toad
Common Toad – Chorlton Water Park
Common Toad
Another male Toad on the search for a mate. Hopefully he’ll be lucky later on this week – the females aren’t too keen on cold, frosty evenings.

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