Homefield Wood

Chalk meadows at Homefield Wood, Buckinghamshire.

Chalk meadows at Homefield Wood, Buckinghamshire.

One of only three locations where the rare Military Orchid can be seen.

For many years considered to be extinct the clearance of woodland during World War II revealed a number of glades and former meadows. By 1977 a total of six plants had been found. Since then a team of dedicated volunteers working under the direction of BBOWT have helped the Military Orchids to thrive with 722 flowering size plants being recorded in 2016.

Military Orchid, Homefield Wood,

Surprisingly robust the Military Orchid is named after the flowers resemblance to soldiers with each flower having a “Knights Helmet and rows of button on their tunics.”

In addition to Military Orchids we were also fortunate to find several other types of orchids including White Helleborines, Fly Orchids, Greater Butterfly Orchids and Common Twayblades. Notably some of the Fly Orchids appeared unusually large flowered.

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