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Red Fox, Wareham – Dorset.

A few more from September’s trip down south.

Always great to watch Foxes enjoying the early evening sunshine. The ones back home are far more wary and rarely seen until after dark.This particular family are based on a farm and used to people passing by. Even the presence of Jake close by (tied to a post) didn’t put them off.

Understandably wary with a slightly bonkers Border Collie close by.

Red Fox in the warm, evening sunshine

Earlier on in the day we enjoyed a stroll around Arne. As to be expected plenty of birdlife with Spoonbills, Wheatears and Sandwich Terns fishing off Shipstal point being the highlights. Also several Sika Deer close to the woodland edge. Just the one Stag found perhaps with it being rutting season the others are keeping out of the way or resting up ahead of the early morning rut.

Sika fawn complete with spotty summer coat

Sika hind keeping a close eye on her fawn

Sika Stag


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