Spring has sprung

Apple Blossom, Kenworthy Wood

A few photo’s from earlier this month as the local woodland bursts back into life.

Few flowered Leek – native to the mountains of Iran a rather curious plant that has joined an ever increasing list of invasive, not native species.

The familiar and widespread Wood Anemone

Dog Violet. An important food plant of the Pearl Bordered Fritillary ( ever the optimist – 🙂 )

White Dead Nettle

More apple blossom

Primrose, perhaps the most familiar of our native woodland species.

Mica Ink Caps growing around the base of a rotten stump.

Lesser Celandine – another widespread species and source of food for pollen beetles.

Another Wood Anemone – surprising to see the variability within plants growing literally adjacent to each other.

Amongst all the doom and tragedy as we continue to stumble though the horrors of the Coronavirus pandemic its easy to overlook the miracle that is the arrival of Spring. A walk through a woodland in early Spring is highly recommended.

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