Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer

Male Blackcap – our back garden, Chorlton

Following a change in wind direction our local population of Blackcaps have arrived en masse. This one appeared in our back garden clearly exhausted and unable to fly.

With the neighbouring cats on the prowl and the Sparrowhawks on the lookout for an easy meal a temporary refuge in a box seemed a better idea than allowing nature to run its course.

An hour later, after a drink of water and a rest in the warmth of the early morning sun our Blackcap decided it was time to move on and flew across the garden and into the Honeysuckle. Although we haven’t seen him since the distinctive song of the male Blackcap has become a welcome addition to the dawn chorus.

Long-tailed Tit – one of the more usual back garden birds

The eggshell of another songster.

A quick check of the Bill Oddie guide to egg collecting reveals the proud parents to be Mr & Mrs Song Thrush 🙂

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