Spirit of the Wood

Common Whitethroat (Sylvia communis), Barlow Tip

Great to see the Whitethroats beginning to return from Africa. With the recent warm weather leading to a plentiful supply of insects it looks like this year they’ve timed it to perfection.

With a brownish tinge to its head I think this one is probably a 1st summer male.

Several, fresh Brimstone’s on the wing.

With the sun behind them their iridescent wings are superbly disguised.

Also a few Green-veined Whites beginning to appear.

A surprisingly early Speckled Wood basking in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Noticeably more female Orange Tips about.

Male Orange Tip nectaring on Lady’s Smock.

Still a few of the Peacock Butterflies that successfully over wintered to be found.

One of several Small Tortoiseshells – unfortunately beginning to fade. Normally survive until mid-May before being followed by a 2nd generation in July.

With the cold start to Spring the past few weeks really have seen an explosion of colour – rich pickings for the local Bees.

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