The absent Father

Goosander (female) plus chicks on the River Mersey, Disbury

Wonderful to see the resident Goosanders are having another successful breeding season. Along with the Kingfishers and Dippers a really good sign of the improving water quality now found in the upper regions of the River Mersey.

Whilst the water quality has improved there’s still plenty of debris including this traffic cone to be found. Good to see that the young Goosanders don’t seem to mind.

Time to stretch those wings.

Unable to fly the chicks are totally dependent upon Mum. With the bank patrolled by Herons the Goosanders have good reason to be wary and a couple of other adult females were lending their support.

In common with other male Goosanders the drake is now likely to be spending summer in Norway.

Perhaps the cover provided by the traffic cone isn’t so unwelcome after all.

Not so sure about the tyres however in the past they have been used by the occasional Dipper.

Whilst up in Didsbury also had a quick wander to the stretch of the Mersey behind the Waterside leisure club (Galleon). The former, sandy bank used by the Sand Martins has been regraded and replaced with a man-made nesting bank. No sign of use however early days yet.

Also enjoyed a superb view of a Kingfisher and a brief glimpse of the rear end of a Dipper close to where Micker Brook (start of the Ladybrook valley) joins the Mersey.

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