Sand Martins

Sand Martins on the banks of the River Mersey, Didsbury

With the Coronavirus lockdown still in force Saturday’s 1 hour of exercise was spent slightly further away from the normal patch and upstream in nearby Didsbury.

Plenty of activity at the Sand Martin colony

The noisy neighbours

Fast, remarkably agile and constantly calling to each other. A great way to spend a few minutes.

With the Sand Martins being a similar colour to the sandy banks and cliffs they’re somewhat challenging to photograph. Not helped by the fact they have an unpredictable flight path and preference for nesting in north facing banks. This invariably results in shooting into direct sunlight.

A tight squeeze.

Really looking forward to seeing a bit more of the Sand Martin colony. Hopefully if we have a couple of hours of evening sunshine during the next week or two we’ll be back…… 🙂

2 Replies to “Sand Martins”

  1. Hi, i live in northenden. Is it likely that this stretch of the mersey is a home to sand martins?
    I’m concerned that a proposed new paved path on the north bank may have an adverse effect on this particular species.
    Kind regards
    Lance crookes

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