Kimmeridge Bay

Ammonite at Kimmeridge Bay

One of the more accessible areas of the Jurassic Coast, Kimmeridge has a well deserved reputation for being amongst the best areas of the country for fossil hunting with Ammonites being especially common. We found this one in the mudstone along the shore.

Strange to think that 150 million years ago Kimmeridge was located far closer to the equator and the entire area submerged under the sea. The Ammonite would have looked similar to this artists impression.

The warm, crystal clear water of Kimmeridge Bay – ideal for a variety of seaweed (and dog balls)
Snakelocks Anemone and pink Coralline algae within one of Kimmeridges’s many rock pools.

Beadlet Anemones and Limpets in a shallow rockpool at low tide.
Beadlet Anemone, Kimmeridge Bay

Difficult to believe that Anemones are predatory animals capable of moving to more favourable locations in search of food. Perhaps more bizarre is the fact they give birth to live young. Although also available in green, brown and orange throughout the summer the vast majority of Beadlet Anemones at Kimmeridge are bright red and easy to find.

Beadlet Anemone in one of the rockpools found along the shallow, underwater ledges.
Meghan waiting for the tide to turn.

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