Creech Barrow

The distinctive, conical hill of Creech Barrow – the highest point of the Dorset Heath

We’ve been fortunate enough to stay at East Creech on several occasions over the past few years and having woken up to the sight of Creech Barrow dominating the horizon to the north curiosity finally got the better of us.

The Purbeck Volcano…….

At 637ft high the highest point of the Dorset Heaths and the final resting place of 3 bodies dating back to the Bronze Age.

Looking north-west towards Creech Grange and the coast
Bronze Age Round Barrow, Knowle Hill

Between 1700 and 1000BC Dorset was occupied by the Celts with burial mounds and hill forts being particularly common. Located 20 miles west of East Creech the spectacular Maiden Castle is quite literally the high point of the people associated with the construction of the country’s prehistoric hill forts.

Another nearby Bronze Age Burial Mound
A slightly more desirable residence in East Creech ?

We thought about putting an offer in but after noticing the front gate hanging off its hinges decided better of it.

Swallow’s nest, East Creech

As ever within the Dorset countryside plenty of wildlife to be seen including loads of Swallows raising their young and preparing for the long journey south. Also enjoyed a superb (and very close) view of a Hobby from the summit of Creech Barrow,

Oak Bush Cricket

I can’t recall coming across one of these before. In contrast to the more common grasshoppers and crickets this one actively hunts smaller insects particulary midges and small flies trapped under flysheets.

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