Scratch Arse Ware and the Jurassic Coast

Immature Stonechat close to Scratch Arse Ware, Langton Matravers

One of our favourite areas along the South-West Coast path the stretch west of Durlston Country Park taking in the outskirt of Langton Matravers and Scratch Arse Ware is a superb area of meadows, sea-cliffs and former quarries.

Roesel’s Bush-Cricket amongst the rough grassland (ware) close to Langton Matravers, Dorset

Supposedly on the increase the distinctive Roesel’s Bush cricket is relatively common in the rough grassland or “wares.” The Scratch Arse bit probably relates to the ticks that plague the area in early summer.

Here’s looking at you – Roesel’s Bush-Cricket at Scratch Arse Ware

Noticeably less wary than the typical Meadow Grasshoppers – a really distinctive Bush cricket.

Former quarries – a rich source of Portland Stone
Wall Lizard basking in the warm sunshine of early August.

Released many years ago into some of the former Portland Stone quarries Wall Lizards can be found almost anywhere along this particular stretch of the south-west coast.

Wall Lizard attempting to hide by some Rock Samphire
Lulworth Skipper nectaring on Viper’s Bugloss.

Lulworth Skipper, appropriately 5 miles east of Lulworth.

Good to finally catch up with some Lulworth Skippers. Although perhaps not the most spectacular of our butterflies with their limited range certainly one of the rarest. Incidentally the area is also a stronghold for Adders.

Wall Lizard amongst the blocks of quarried limestone.
A particulary wary Wall Lizard, with a Kestrel patrolling the area probably a good reason why.
A more approachable Wall Lizard
Fossilised base of a Palm tree

Towards the lower levels of the sea-cliffs worth keeping an eye out for fossils. The bases of Palm trees are relatively common with the Fossil Forest on the outskirt of Lulworth being the best example.

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